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January 10, 2021
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Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Opportunity

Dryer Vent Squad is a low-investment home service franchise with an entry level below $50K. They clean and service dryer vents in homes and apartment buildings. Dryer Vents are the leading cause of home fires and this franchise helps homeowners keep their homes safe.

Their franchisees and their techs provide quick and professional dryer vent cleaning, typically 2 times a year for a normal home, once a quarter for a heavy use dryer home or once a year at minimum. Prices range from $99 for a ground level, wall mounted dryer vent to $150 for a rooftop vent. Franchisees also maintain and service dryer vent hoses, connections and other dryer-related items.

This is a low-overhead business. Typically a franchise owner will market and run the franchise and hire a technician to provide the service. A well-trained tech can service as many as 10 homes in a single day.

Once they start cleaning vents for a customer, they continue to clean them over time. They provide peace of mind for owners and it is a popular and very important safety item.

Buy a Dryer Vent Squad Franchise

A dryer vent cleaning franchise is just what homeowners need to care for their dryer vents

We rarely think about the hardworking clothes dryer in our laundry room. This machine delivers, often drying multiple loads a day. Every dryer vents hot air, moisture and lint outside your home through a dryer vent tube. What most people don’t realize is that these dryer vents are the leading cause of home fires in the U.S., according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Lint is highly flammable and without regular cleaning, will sometimes stop up the pipe, creating a dangerous situation. The moisture coming from your dryer can cause mold and mildew if your vents are not clear and dryers can be a source of dangerous carbon monoxide in your home. If all these were not scary enough, stopped up vents can hurt your immune system and make breathing more difficult without realizing it. This is why a dryer vent cleaning franchise is a vital home service business.

A Dryer Vent Squad franchise is a simple, very affordable home service business that helps keep homes safe from fires and creates a healthier living environment for homeowners. For a total investment starting at $47,000, Dryer Vent Squad franchisees clean vents 1-2 times a year at home and charge $99-$129 to do it. Once customers use our service, they keep using it!

If you’ve been searching for a business, want to take control of your life and want a business that is both financially rewarding and really helps people, a Dryer Vent Squad dryer vent cleaning franchise is a smart business to research. Every home that contains a dryer is in need of vent cleaning services to maintain a safe and efficient house.

No experience is needed and you don’t need to have an expensive office. Start building your future today with a Dryer Vent Squad franchise.

Dryer Vent Squad Franchise Highlights

  • Keep homes and people safe - Dryer vents are the leading cause of home fires. Keeping dryer vents clean is critically important!
  • One of the most affordable franchises to own - Just because it isn’t expensive doesn’t mean it can’t deliver solid financial results
  • High demand - every home on every street in your territory is a potential customer and few people clean their dryer vents
  • Home-based and requires few staff - Keep your overhead low and your margins as high as possible!

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $30,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $100,000

Take the next step towards owning a Dryer Vent Squad franchise

To learn more about Dryer Vent Squad franchise opportunities in your area or to begin securing your territory today, please request more information below.

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